Wordpress keeps logging me out

Every time I go to update a plugin, or save a post etc, wordpress logs me out.

I have this page rule setup:

logoglo.com/wp-admin/* (cache level: bypass)

Any explanations?

I have the same problem for days. Im trying to solve it but still have not found the awnser.

Every time I try to acces my Cpanel trough the html website using the :0000 port I get logged out after selecting a page. And I also have the same problem on my wp-admin account. Every time I try to acces my wp-admin I need to get passed the recaptcha but I get stuck in a loop. And what is even more strang, is the fact that I can acces my Wordpress admin on my other computer at home. So I deleted all the blocked IP adresses in my Cpanel, but I still cannot acces my Cpanel trough my port or my wp-admin.

Keeps doing it, and I cant get to the bottom of it, anyone?

I also bypass cache on wp-login*

I do this because I use Cache Everything for the rest of my site.

Turned out to be a darn plugin “limit login attempts” not compatible with the latest wp release.

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