Wordpress Jetpack Like button not loading

The Like button by Jetpack at blog.coscienzamaschile.com does not load.
I disabled all minifyings, cleared cache, disabled and reinstalled plugins, disabled mod security but no resultas.
Please help

If you have already tried all of that, are you sure you do not use any browser extenstions that could potentially block or remove the “Like button”?

If not, then kindly check on the article below and try out if that works due to some possible security issues:


The problem seems now resolved at least for most articles, but Orbit Fox social media sliding buttons no longer display, please help

Thanks a lot

I haven’t used them, and do not know what kind of options does the plugin have, and maybe they are only enabled and accessible (viewable) at the “blog post” page? (and not on all the page?)

I am seeing them on the left side when I scrol down, when I open a blog post.
That ones? (AdBlock, Privacy, AdGuard, Uorigin have to be disabled to view them)

If you still do not see them, can you try checking in another Web browser? Or with as already suggested, disabled privacy/adblock, or in another “private window” without a possible cache files?

  • TIP: try clearing your Web browser cache if recent changes applied …

Screenshot_2021-03-25 Perché Coscienza Maschile(1)

As you said it appears that the sliding menu can be used only on static pages and not on the homepage, so I consider the issue resolved.
Many thanks

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I am happy to assist you :slight_smile:
I am glad you found a solution, or at least figure it out what it could be.

Maybe trying with some other plugin which, I hope, could have that option.

Otherwise, I am aware this is not a Cloudflare issue for now.

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