Wordpress Jetpack issue with Cloudflare

My Wordpress website cannot sync to Jetpack anymore, giving this error :slight_smile:
Error code 409 – XML‑RPC is not responding correctly.

It seems to be related to Cloudflare blocking access to xmlrpc.php file.

Somewhere they suggested the fix is to bypass Cloudflare’s features for xmlrpc.php and WP Admin.

I’m not sure how to fix it?
Would you please guide me!


Please go to your Cloudflare Dashboard > Security > Events and try to find which security feature of Cloudflare is blocking access to xmlrpc.php, then post pack here.

@cbrandt thanks for your reply, I checked ‘Cloudflare Dashboard > Security > Events’ but I don’t see any event related to blocking access to xmlrpc.php. Is there any other setting I should check?

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Actually, this issue seemed to be related to one of the plugins (Really Simple SSL) causing an issue with accessing xmlrpc.php. After disabling it my website can sync to the Jetpack and the Wordpress app again.