Wordpress issue

I have a WordPress website it working fine on staging environment that is not on Cloudflare. But on production that is on Cloudflare give 524 error for a long process. How can I solve this?

Thanks for your reply I try to to increase to limitation on server level like line max_execution time and other stuff but no luck.

You will need to debug your site and check why it takes that long to get a response. Whats the URL where the error occurs?

I am fetching the data from third party API that why it will taking the time.

In that case you might have to refactor your code to process that asynchronously.

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Is there anyway to extend time out issue from Cloudflare end?


Means if process takes more than 100 seconds (1.67 Minutes) then CloudFlare throws an error ? ( got from stackoverflow)

Or we can increase/decrease this number.

That is precisely what it means.

You have two options:

  1. As @sandro said, start your response and show a loading for API result and fetch it async.

  2. If possible, cache API result and use it before fetching new result.

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Okay thank you for the reponse

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