Wordpress integration with Cloudflare

Hi there,

I’m currently using Really Simple CDN Enabler plugin on my WordPress website.https://bestanklebrace.com/ But my website is causing issues from time to time. I started a new website. Actually I was using the blue host and then transferred everything to Contabo GmbH. I guess the migration process might have affected the CDN. Is there any other good recommended plugin for WordPress?

Cloudflare has its own official plugin, which will allow you to manage your CF settings from your WP dashboard, purge cache etc. It will allow you to implement HTTP/2 server push for all you pages, purge pages automatically when you update content (in case you have a “cache everything” page rule). I use it in all my WP sites.

There’s also a plugin developed to be used in connection with Workers to manage your WordPress caching for dynamic websites.

There are of course thousands of WP plugins that will help optimize your website, but the discussion of their merits falls outside the scope of this community forum, unless there are specific issues or conflicts that happen only when they are used in connection with Cloudflare.