Wordpress integration plugin issue

I tired enabling the wordpress cache integration setting (which requires the plugin) - i had the plugin activated but Cloudflare dashboard told me plugin not recognized. do you know why? moreover can you please let me know - now i have rocket enabled. if i enable Cloudflare plugin i should deactivate rocket correct? if i deactivate rocket - will the Cloudflare cache have to rebuild from the beginning? would it need to recache everything?

Make sure that no other plugin is blocking Cloudflare Plugin’s access to Cloudflare API. Also, in case you’re using an API Token instead of the global API Key, make sure your API Token has the adequate permissions.

As for WP Rocket plugin, are you adding APO to your domain? If so, here’s what the documentation says about caching plugins:

Cloudflare recommends turning off plugins such as WP Rocket Cache Plugin, W3 Total Cache, or similar plugins when first setting up APO. After confirming APO is working, we recommend testing whether turning on the plugins listed above improves results or causes unexpected behavior. In many cases, using APO along with other caching plugins can cause unexpected results.

We also recommend clearing the server cache for the WP Rocket Cache plugin, W3 Total Cache, or similar plugins after APO activation.

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