Wordpress Images with Cloudflare Pro

I was using SHORTPIXEL: a simple paied service to optimize wp images to webp and avif + automatically serve them in the proper dimensions…

As soon i started using Cloudflare, shortpixel service quit working properly (i read somewhere that from April Cloudflare doesn’t permit to use other CDNs for dinamic content ???)

So i thought, ok, let’s try 1 month of Cloudflare to see differences, even if it costs a lot more.

So i activated a pro plan and ALL SERVICES but i am not sure what i am doing because of no-clear-instructions on Cloudflare website - I acted like a boomer yes! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I just need to optimize my already uploaded 4000 pics (without upload one-by-one or by url on Cloudflare) and serve them dinamically + use Automatic Platform Optimization + other free services.

Do i really need to pay 35$ + taxes monthly without even having a customer service to talk with???

Please advice me


If you enable Cloudflare Polish you will optimise all images being delivered through any proxied hostname. Polish is available on the Pro plan and above.

Both of these products require you to upload your assets to Cloudflare for them to work. If this is not something you want or need to do, then there is little point in subscribing to them.

There are multiple ways that such image optimisation products can work. You need to know which way they are operating, and might need to adjust your configuration to use them with Cloudflare.

I paied and activated all that services, can you take a look please?
Sorry i don’t understand, are you telling me that Cloudflare don’t auto-optimize and deliver my server-uploaded-media?
How this should be done with 4000 pics and 1000 articles? By hand one-by-one?
If it’s this i immediately quit and ask for refund then try back to use Shortpixel service who did it

No.I’m saying there are several different products related to image optimisation.

The easiest to use is Polish, just click a button and images will be compressed, have metadata removed, and converted to WebP, etc. on the fly.

“Cloudflare Images” is a different product which will store, resize, optimise etc. all your images, but requires you to upload your images (by hand or using the API) and make some changes to your CMS. I suspect from your description that you would prefer not to do that.

really not, i thought it was a easier way. So i activated polish for no reason?
i will try to use shortpixel.com service back
How to ask for refund?

I presume you are not reading what I posted.

Quick image optimisation: Enable Polish. That’s it. Walk away. No changes anywhere else. If one click is too much…

More advanced capabilities are in other Products such as Cloudflare Image, Cloudflare Image Resizing, etc.

Ok Dude, i already turned on POLISH, due to PRO PLAN, so i don’t need my other service STREAM IMAGES that it’s a paid addon
Being ON it was supposed to take my published images and deliver .webp images right?

So may be i am not being clear:

  • how to ask refund for the stream images service that i am not using?

  • why if you inspect my website you still see .jpg

Then Can you please loggin to my account and see inside what’s wrong?

  • I put page rules saying to never cache admin but it’s not working

Still waiting a solution!
I asked for refund after 12 hours i have bought images service for mistake
Then i asked why i pay a pro plan, use polish service asking to deliver WEBP - resized version of my server-uploaded-images and it doesn’t work?

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