Wordpress + Image CDN

Hello! I just joined the community! Im using wordpress + Cloudflare images 5$ plan. I have uploaded all of my media library to Cloudflare through api with a plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/cf-images/.

The thing is a see no difference to the pagespeed of my website and i cannot tell if the cdn is working or not. Im sure this is a 101 question but still i cannot figure it out.

The website is https://onlinewatersports.gr


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use this to verify


Thanks for the reply! All these steps are fine but still i cannot see the images coming from the CDN when i inspect the page…

It doesn’t seem you’ve properly set Cloudflare Images, as your images are loading from another CDN. You can check this by visiting your site with Dev Tools open (F12) and looking at the headers for image files on the Network tab.


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