Wordpress https not secure

I’m using Openlitespeed for server
and trying to set clourdflare ssl (https) for my newly installed wordpress website.

no matter I tried I always get “not secure” in the google chrome browser

What I have tried

  • Setting in cloudflare
  • Tried Flexible, Full, Full (Strict) methods
  • Set Origin Certificate manually
  • Wordpress Plugins tried:
    * Cloudflare
    * Flexible SSL for CloudFlare
    * Really Simple SSL
    since those 2 plugins would fix mix content, so that might not be the case.

But, still it does not work. Please help

Was your WordPress site secure before you added it to Cloudflare? That’s the only way to secure a site as you onboard it to Cloudflare.

After the fact, Cloudflare can provide an origin certificate if you can install it on your server:

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WOW! you are fast! But I’m faster!

I found the solution, my A record was not marked “Proxied”, I switched from “DNS only” to “Proxied”, WALA!!!

Thank you

PS. I will definitely remember this is one thing I need to check.

That just tells me that you didn’t fix the “not secure” problem at your server, making it…still not secure.

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