Wordpress http error

In the past 2 days i noticed that i can’t upload mp4 files via wordpress media library any more…

What happens is that when i have “Always use HTTPS” set to Off i get the “http error.” right away when i try to upload the file but when “Always use HTTPS” is set to On and i access my website via https the file start to upload but right at the end it gives me the same “http error.” The solution is to pause my Cloudflare protection, if i do that i can upload files again.

So i was wondering if i’m the only one with this problem.

Can you upload other media files?

Which SSL setting are you using in the Crypto page? Flexible, Full, or Full (Strict)?

Yes i can upload any type of file but it has to be under 100MB to work And my WP maximum upload file size is set to 300MB

And SSL is set to Full

Are you saying that you can’t upload an mp4 file that’s less than 100MB?