[Wordpress] Google Search Console not working



First of all i want to say HI at the community :slight_smile:

Iam using for the first time cloudflare and started with the free version and flexible ssl on wordpress.

All its working good. Only thin is, that google search console seems not to work.

Search Console says thats all ok, but:

  • there are no indexed sites.
  • if i upload the sitemap.xml it say error ->empty sitemap
  • no 404 error, but i know there are some.

I did the follwing thinks:

  • activated the ssl redirect loop plugin for wordpress
  • total cache extesnion for cloudflare activated
    changed the base url in wordpress admin to https
  • cloudflare: https always on, automatics https rewrites on

LINK to Sitemap (created by Yoast Plugin), https://www.obermichelerhof.it/sitemap_index.xml

I hope you can help, specially the failure with the sitemap is strange.

In dont know what to try else.

Thank you!!