Wordpress FrontEnd Issue when Cloudflare Activated

HI I have recently (few hours ago) set up cloudflare with my website. All looks goos except my website has changed a few things and cant figure out how? Adfmittedly I am new to this but some images are more left-aligned than usual, even though there is no change in the CMS and some buttons are styled different to how they were before.

Any ideas thank you

You didn’t post your domain name, so we can’t troubleshoot, but my guess would be Mixed Content.

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Hi there its https://www.viscofans.com . The images are all aligning left and buttons not displaying properly. Have run through a few online checks and cant find any reference to mixed content. HOpe that helps a bit more

I’m not seeing any errors or layout problems. Have you cleared your browser cache and/or tried a different browser?

Yes have tried that. Images are pushed extreme to left and you can see button the bottom also different. This is same on catalog page for example

this only happned when cloudflare was activated today

I also took your advice and downloaded firefox and same issue

Ok, those are pretty subtle. Did you enable any Auto Minify in the Speed -> Optimization section of the cloudflare dashboard?

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Hi, No i didnt activate that but did have activated through SG Optimizer plugin. I am thinking of deactivating Cloudflare reverting website back to how it was, turning off minify on website - see if that affects it then restart as I am totally stumped. Im new to this and this was my first website but have spent all night looking for a fix and its a weird one.

would that sound like a good workflow to you?

OK I did that, restored website. had same issue then turned off minify rules in sg optimizer that fixed it so problem obvs there. thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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