Wordpress free domains - can they work with free Cloudflare?

I am new to Cloudflare and I would like set up a test using a free website (Wordpress) and the free version of Cloudflare.

I have read through the different helps but I would like confirmation on the following : 1/ not possible to register subdomains unless enterprise or business (so not free model) 2/Freenom domains …tk, ml; etc still do not work? If someone can confirm I will spring the big bucks and buy my own domain even for test. Thank you and have a nice weekend

This is the best approach. And, yes, you’re correct that you can’t add just a subdomain, and Freenom isn’t a good choice.

But you really don’t need to spend much money. Many registrars have great first-year deals on domains that will cost less than $10/year after that. .xyz at Porkbun is what I go with when I need an experimental domain.

My advice is to first check the Spamhaus TLD list and not buy any on that list:


Thank you for confirming. I will buy myself a cheap name (not on the list) and go with that.

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