Wordpress feed remains cached

This has been asked a few times but I can’t seem to get it fixed. My Wordpress blog rss feed remains cached and has a cache-control of 90 days!
I believe it’s because I tried “cache everything” in my page rules for my blog but even after removing that and purging, it still doesn’t update my feed: https://www.fighttofire.com/feed should show a post from the 27th but the latest one is from the 19th.

Apologies, my most recent post is from the 29th not the 27th.

I also use fastest cache but that shouldn’t be the issue as I have it connected to Cloudflare and I explicitly excluded /feed. I really don’t get it.

That domain is not going through Cloudflare. It’s not using Cloudflare name servers, and the pages are not proxied by Cloudflare either.

You mean that it doesn’t use any of cloudflare’s features then?
You think it’s because my NS are on ezoic?

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