WordPress Featured Image is Getting Crashed

Hi, My Wordpress featured Image is Getting crashed but when I turn on Development mode on Cloudflare it works fine. Even I have cleared the Cloudflare and Wordpress cache.

What error messages are you getting in the server logs and what messages do you see in your Browsers Dev Tools?

I contacted the Hosting people they said no error log but i checked in Chrome Dev tool it shows.
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 522 ()

This should help.

I have tried this but not working, from past 5 days Iam facing this problem. But when i turned on Development mode on Clodflare Featured image will load up perfectly.

Try clearing every cache, and then use a different browser that never loaded the page before.

Hi Jules, I tried that too. I think the problem is with Cloudflare cache.

Next I would try turning off CFs image optimizations. Like Mirage and compression.

What is the website address?

Tried but same result. I have tried every option in Cloud-flare but this problem emerged form few days back and i have not changed anything from my side. Any other option should i try.

here is the Screenshot

Goto your browser dev tools and check what is the address for that image and what happens in network tab.

Or tell us what is the address and we will check.

It works perfectly for me. Clear browser cache.


Last Article named Gypsy Rose

Every cache is cleared even checked in Incognito mode


Can you check from another network or use a VPN?

wait i will screenshot of the same screen using VPN


Hi mate I have exceeded no of comment

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By any chance this specific image is renamed recently?