Wordpress Fastest Cache Settings?

Hey All, This is my first post - and I’m very knew to all of this.

I am trying to set up my organizations sites for Cloudflare. We’ve had Wordpress Fastest Cachefor awhile. What I gather from reading these forums is that WPFC is still a great thing to use with CF. However my question is this:

What should my settings in WPFC be in order to effectively use both CF and WPFC?

I haven’t upgraded to pro yet, and do realize I need to check out Rocket Loader soon as well.

Thanks for your help

Have you tested WPFC against Cloudflare APO? I ditched all WP caching plugins as none of them could do as well as APO.

I have not - thanks for the tip. I am now reading as much about APO as I can. If I don’t have to have a WP caching plugin…great!

Yes, I was skeptical but it has proven itself. One thing to note is that APO is free with any CF paid plan, otherwise it’s $5/month. Well worth it though.

Thanks again Brian, We are going ahead and purchasing pro. Figure we’d like the extra features, and we get APO with it.

Good move. The addition of the WAF alone is worth it and APO is the bomb.

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