Wordpress errors (not recognized)


I was really curious to try Cloudflare with the new WordPress APO, but it simply does not work.

In the plugin
When I press “Apply Recommended Cloudflare Settings for WordPress”, I only get the message “Oops, something went wrong, please try again in a few minutes.” - I can’t find any reason or further information.

In the Cloudflare backend
“This optimization is only available for websites using WordPress. We did not detect WordPress running for XXX”

I have the latest version of WordPress and I got the same results in debug mode (no other plugins/custom themes active).

When searching for these errors, I find no answers. Can someone help?

I was able to Apply the recommended settings after a lot of trouble, so I’m not sure what did it. I re-did all the steps (reinstalled the plugin, created a new API token and so on).

The CF backend still says I don’t have WordPress and if I click “check again”, I get this:
speed.api.feature_must_be_enabled (Code: 10015)

Hi there!

Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with APO recognizing your Wordpress installation.

I had a couple of questions for you regarding your setup:

  • Are you using the Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin on your application?
  • Is your Wordpress application installed on your apex (root) domain or is it being used on a subdomain?
  • Are you per chance using any “caching” plugins on your Wordpress installation that may have cached stale WP content?


Hello, Peter!

Yes, I have installed and activated the Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin. That didn’t work until the second time around, but seems to work now.

But when I go to the Speed > Optimization tab in the CF dashboard and click “Check again”, this is what happens:

It’s installed on the root domain and I disabled the caching/optimization plugins before I activated CF. When it wasn’t working, I also reset the htaccess file.

Hi, have you any updates?

can we please get an update on this - I’m having this exact same issue, and we have over 40 websites we need to set this up for

I asked this same question in the forum and also via a ticket. Zero response with an answer from cloudflare.

The APO feature should not have been released if it does not work correctly, it’s obviously full of many bugs. If your charging people for something it should work as promised :rage:

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I’m having the same issue.

This sounds interesting.
I have plugin version 3.8.3 and latest wordpress version

Note: This optimization is only available for websites using WordPress. We did not detect WordPress running for xxx

Check again.

I haven’t purchased yet because when i click ‘check again’ it does the loading wheel and then nothing. no error …just a refresh.
maybe to entice new customers they may have to fix that too. provided it works after paying :slight_smile:

Yes, I believe it may be as simple as you have to pay for it first, but I don’t want to pay when it says it doesn’t even detect WP.

We just pushed a fix that made our WordPress detection a bit better. Give it another shot and let us know if you’re still having trouble.

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I still get the same “This optimization is only available for websites using WordPress” message, but not the api error message. I also made sure CF IPs were not blocked by the firewall.

@user5555 Would you mind opening up a support ticket and DMing me your ticket id? We can look into this for you but need more information (mainly your zone url).

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