Wordpress Emails Export Problem


I’m trying to export a list from my wordpress backend. The email addresses are not showing up in the excel file that I download. The email cells all contain “email protected” and I cannot read the email addresses. See screen video shots: https://share.getcloudapp.com/Wnurnwko

Please can someone advise what settings I need to adjust in cloudfare so that I can read the email addresses? I have Email Address Obfuscation turned on. Could that be an issue? Can I whitelist something to allow me to see the emails?

I’ll appreciate any assistance. Many thanks,


Yes, though it is surprising that it would change anything in non-HTML content.

Disable it for now.

Thanks Sandro. When I disabled it, all is ok. Would leaving it permanently disabled compromise my site? For now, whenever I need to download, I will disable it…

Define compromise :slight_smile:. It simply won’t obfuscate email addresses.

Never mind re compromise :grinning:

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