Wordpress Elementor Pro not compatible

My website is hosted on Go Daddy with the name servers pointed towards Cloudflare. When the name servers are connected to Cloudflare, Elementor Pro page editing does not work. Elementor Pro widget panel endlessly loads and the theme builder does not work. When the name servers are changed back to Go Daddy, Elementor Pro works. I have tested this several times and 100% confirmed that Cloudflare is what is restricting the ability to access Elementor Pro editing.

Go Daddy support suggested that it could be something to do with the “admin IP address firewall”. So there’s a place to start…

Open the Elementor editor on any page with Dev Tools open (F12 on Windows). Check the Network and/or the Console tab for files that are not loading. Wait a few minutes than head to your Cloudflare Dashboard > Security > Events, see if the file was blocked by Cloudflare. If so, check the event’s panel to see which service blocked/challenge the file. Then adjust your settings for that service accordingly.

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Hi @brande.wulff

Try and follow this documentation regarding false positive. Just know that you choose SKIP instead of BYPASS.


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