Wordpress editor is blank after move to Cloudflare

I’ve just moved a couple of WordPress sites to Cloudflare. I like to use the Classic Editor, via a plugin, but this just shows a blank page that you cannot input into. On another site I use the SiteOrigin Editor (another plugin), this shows “Unknown error. Failed to load the form. Please check your internet connection, contact your web site administrator, or try again later.”
In the browser developer tools I get lots of these error messages,
[blocked] The page at https://www. was not allowed to display insecure content from http://www.
XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://www. due to access control checks.
Two of my sites with these issues are ahimages.co.uk and ahportfolio.co.uk.
Any help appreciated, many thanks.

Hi @heapsap ,

Yes your site has Mixed Content Issue which was identified in

You can Click the Fix Button There


I am able to load both the website fine now . Can you Please Confirm from Your End ?

First Site - :white_check_mark:

Second Site :white_check_mark:

Yes, in FireFox the lock symbol is now fully closed without any image warnings. But the WP editors are still not working. I’ll keep testing. Many thanks.

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Can you Share the Screenshot ?

Hi, on those two sites I’ve added the ‘Really Simple SSL’ plugin and that has got the editors working.
I have a couple of other sites and I’m still trying to work out what you did. I’ve been to the Diagnostic Center, I can’t find a Fix button but beside each panel with an ‘Error Found’ there is resolve issue. So for twickenhamgallery.co.uk with the issue ‘Check the site for mixed content’ ‘Error Found’ I then back go into the panel for that site but I can’t see what I do from there?

I’m really sorry I meant Resolve Issue only

Yes , Click on Resolve Issue for Mixed Content

If that doesn’t work read this article

I’ve used the WordPress ‘SSL Insecure Content Fixer’ plugin on the other site and that seems to fix the issues as well as with the editor. Many thanks AH

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Most Welcome :grin:

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