Wordpress edit blank screen

Hi. For the last week I have a problem that trying to edit or create a new post in wordpress gives a blankscreen. This was not the case up to now, and I am not sure what changed.

I followed the instructions here to add a rule for the entire wp-admin section, but that without change.

Switching to debug mode solves the problem immediately so it is definitely something in cloudflare.

Any idea what configuration can prevent this behavior?

Referring to this post Cloudflare Settings page is showing blank in wordpress admin after installing and activating cloudflare plugin in wordpress - #7 by Withheld a very similar issue already has been solved, so I would recommend following this recommendation.

If that does not help I would recommend clearing ALL available cached:

  1. Cloudflare Cache
  2. OpCache (PHP)
  3. static Cache
  4. browser Cache (like recommended above)

and provide more informations like:

  1. Wordpress version
  2. Browser Console Logs

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