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Since 3 Weeks i use Cloudflare for my Blog and since i do it my Backup Plugin - Dublicator brakes by make the ZIP File. Bevor i used Cloudflare its works perfekt with my Setup.

Did any one known ther a way to get it run again with cloudflare?

I think its something with the PHP Time.

Thanks for Help!

What do you mean by ‘breaks the ZIP file’?

So you download it to your local machine via WP’s admin panel? If yes, what’s the file size?

Hi, the prozess to make the Archiv is stopedthe Buildingprozess with the text that the Host is not onlinne.

I tryed it many Times and every Time the same …

I have setup no cloudflare as DNS only and its working.

What me make a littel bit confused is that i with only DNS from Cloudflare have a faster Pageload then with Cloudflare in all Countys i can make a speed Test on GTMetrix.

I think its come from the thing that on a free Account no HTML will be cached.
The Setup from the Wordpress Plugin also make Settings that are slower then my own.

The next thing is that i see only my own Favicon and not that from Cloudflare what me says, Cloudflare will no caching anything.

The Settings i use with faster results i post in the Pictures…

I hope some one can help me out of the dark hole im sitting in and speed my website up with wordpress. Other way i drive without with a better Speed. With Cloudflare Proxied i have a load time from around 6 second. Without i have 1,6 up to 3 seconds load time.

My Website is www.special4you.marketing

Eins nach dem Anderen…

How does the plugin do the backups?
I assume that it somehow connects to the host via it’s domain instead of accessing via localhost. And probably on an unsupported port? Can you check that?

Do you have any logs?
Are there any security options to restrict access to $ip_adresses?

The following ports are proxied by Cloudflare:


Hi @user7832,

Is it this plugin?

If so, I have used it in the past. I suspect that this will be a 100s timeout error when building the archive. Community Tip - Fixing Error 524: A timeout occurred

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