Wordpress domain setup

We recently moved away from hosting our DNS and name servers within WordPress and moved them over to Cloudflare. We’ve updated the DNS as required by changing the A records to the given name servers and also updated the CNAME record for WWW. The domain still says verifying and has done for well over 60+ hours now… anyone have any idea’s on what’s going on?


Where do you see that? If that’s in CF’s dashboard, would you make sure you’ve completed the steps as mentioned:


This is on the WordPress site. The domain is still stating “Verifying” and has done for well over 60 hours. I’ve contacted WordPress who stated it’s a CF issue. From a DNS prospective, all details seem to be correct and the registrar is point to the CF name servers. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not following what you mean here. You set A records to an IPv4 addres, not a nameserver. Make sure you are following the appropriate WordPress guide. You may need to set your records to :grey: DNS Only for WordPress to get the results they are looking for.