WordPress does not respond

Hello everyone!

I have a WordPress site with Elementor PRO.
I registered my domain (paraisodahospedagem.com.br) in CloudFlare, but when activating the services I’m not able to create new pages in WordPress or open Elementor.
I can only do maintenance on my website if I pause CloudFlare services.

I have 4 more domains here and none of this happens.

Can someone help me please.

Take a look at your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) for any errors in the Console or Network tab. That should provide some hint as to the problem.

As other people, including myself, use Elementor, I know it works.

You might skim some other Elementor posts for similar issues:


Whitelist your IP address in Tools, sometimes Cloudflare can take working in the wp-admin funny, depending on your security levels and WAF settings.

However, as sdayman said Elementor works, I don’t use it anymore due to its heavy bloat but until recently had it for two years without any Cloudflare issues.


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