Wordpress does not recognize Cloudflare NS data

I’m trying to hook my Wordpress.com website to Cloudflare, but it does not recognize the name server data sent to my by Cloudflare. Has this been a problem before. Also, my host registratr “Automattic” is not in any recognized list.

Any ideas/suggestions on how to fix this?

Forgot to state the bad/unrecognized NS data:


Are these formats correct??

Tell the ns1 and ns2 prefixes to “sit on it.” Fonzie don’t need no prefix. Not Mr. Fonz, or even Dr. Fonzarelli, but “The Fonz” is acceptable. “Arthur” is not acceptable - only Mrs. C. gets to call him that. Cloudflare uses people names only without ns1 or ns2 in front.


Thanks for the info, my Friend. I’ll give it a shot.

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