Wordpress Divi Theme Builder Can't Frontend Edit

I’m having an issue and I’ve reported it to Divi Themes, but also wanted to chat here to see if anyone has issues editing their frontend with Divi Theme and using Cloudflare, and what the best process to edit their frontend site with Cloudflare still running? I tried uninstalling the Cloudflare plugin, purging cache on site and backend of Wordpress, turning off Cloudflare altogether, and running Divi Theme in Safe Mode. I’ve also cleared cache on all my browsers - nothing seems to let me edit the frontend. Any ideas? Thanks.

You should most likely see errors in your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) under Network or Console.

It’s also slightly possible the Cloudflare Firewall is blocking. Not likely, but if it was, you’d see some activity from your IP address in the Firewall Events Activity Log at dash.cloudflare.com under your domain.

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After 3.5 hours of waiting, I finally was able to access the Divi Builder on frontend. Is that normal for cache and stuff to disable? Seems a little long.

Ah, that sounds like something was cached (Cloudflare default cache is 4 hours). Normally, I wouldn’t expect this to cause issues.

When working on your site, I suggest you put it into Development Mode either from the Cloudflare plugin, or the Overview section for your domain at dash.cloudflare.com

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That’s what I did, and yeah I still couldn’t access the live site for nearly 3.5hours after putting it into Development Mode.

Now I know in the future to expect a longer wait time if I want to make live changes I suppose, kinda difficult when I’m on the clock and the client needs changes ASAP… Not sure what you’d recommend? Is there a way to still get benefits of caching without it turned on and affecting my ability to live edit?

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