Wordpress - displays not secure

Hi All,

For some reason in the address bar I am getting the message that the site is not secure.

All my other sites are configured in the same way and I have used my existing sites within Cloudflare as the template… therefore do not understand what is causing this.

Any useful solutions would be most appreciated.

happy to share url, assuming it does not conflict with any community guidelines.

thanks in advance.

It’s ok to share the URL, but I bet the problem is due to Mixed Content.

I had not published any content on the blog when the issue was first encountered.

I cleared the cache … same problem.

the site is https://motivationtoolset.com

Looks OK to me.


The certificate is only a few hours old. It’s possible you were looking before the actual certificate was issued. Reopen any browser windows and try again.

Thank you for the reply and the screenshot.

I will accept this… it is just unfortunate I have tried again on different machines including using incognito mode and same warning about not being secure… however, I will now move and not get distracted. Thank you once again.

Sdayman and Michael,

I want to acknowledge your great generosity in helping clarify my issue.

Thank you for your community support.

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