WordPress Customizer long loading time - 3-4 minutes

Hi guys,

I am expreiencing really long loading times with my WordPress Customizer, it takes in between 3-4 minutes to load while normal time should be around 3 seconds, most people have 1-3 sec.
Can something in my Cloudflare config affect that?
I am in Australia, my Litespeed server is in the US. I would understand several seconds difference due to my location, but not minutes.

Thank you! Any help is appreciated.

What happens if you disable the Cloudflare proxy (orange cloud) in your DNS settings?

You might also try loading the wordpress customizer with the network inspector open:

This should help you narrow down where the slowdown is coming from.

If I disable proxy, the traffic won’t be coming through Cloudflare anymore? My AutoSSL on my host is not active anymore because there’s one on Cloudflare. If I disable proxy, I will also not have SSL, right?

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