Wordpress creates problems with cloudflare

Apparently all my websites (they are all wordpress) that are on cloudflare have a problem.

Everything was working ok until about 20 hours ago. Now i have a problem.

when i m not logged into wordpress, all pages load ok
when i m logged in and try to browse through the website then the problem is huge

i have removed one of my sites from cloudflare dns to my server’s DNS and now everything works ok

When i login to wp-admin everything slows down and usually crashes with a 520 problem

  1. I have restarted my dedicated server and still the problem persists
  2. disabled the wordpress wordfence and still the problem is there
  3. disabled my computer’s antivirus and firewall … problem is there
  4. tried wifi and wired connection , again the same problem
    5 . I have tried different devices and didnt help
  5. Have tried different connections (hence IPs) didnt help
  6. Tried disabling the plugins of one of my pages ( i thought it could be visual composer) … didnt help either
  7. i have also flashed the cache in cloudflare for the sites … again didnt solve the problem
  8. updated php version and all plugins … again didnt solve the problem

You’ve certainly been thorough.

I find that 520 errors are Cloudflare’s way of telling you that you have a 500 Internal Service Error.

Have you combed through your server’s logs? Something has changed. Also, open your browser’s Dev Tools and watch the Console log for any messages.

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