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I have one site using Cloudflare. Update the PHP version from 5.4 to 5.6 and it stopped working. The message of ERROR 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR goes out. I already did everything that I can about php.ini, .htaccess but nothing works. I deleted all the files from the server and the error still comes out. Will it be related to Cloudflare or does it occur to them that it may be happening?


Check your server’s PHP or Apache error logs for the error that’s happening. This isn’t an error related to Cloudflare.


Logs in CPanel shows mostly messages like this:

[Tue Oct 16 11:33:58 2018] [alert] [client 2800:bf0:2a2:1086:3481:2c88:1ea0:16b6] /home/SITENAME/.htaccess: without matching section, referer: https://WEBSITE-URL

This is an issue with the htaccess file or the web application you’re running. Best I can suggest is to contact your website host’s support about this error.

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