Wordpress Control Panel

Cloudflare should come up with a free control panel for wordpress. Like cpanel.

It should be Powerful as litespeed
And easy to navigate as Cloudflare dashboard
It should have build in feature of cloudflare and team

I am sure there is an official Cloudflare for WordPress plugin at WordPress plugin repo:

Well, unfortunately I think it will not happen so soon.
Furthermore, there is an Cloudflare API, meaning anyone (developer) can do it for itself per need via the API calls, customize the look of the “dashboard” if so, for his domain(s).

  • not to mention taking into the account the security part of it …

I believe Cloudflare services (in general) are much more powerful :wink:

Despite the fact of the API, maybe someone would make this one day.

Cool idea, but Teams already have their own interface to manage.

Thank you for a feature request