Wordpress contact form 7 or others not working

i am using contact form 7 , and use other forms like contact builder and more
before i use cloudflare , all of them is working in wordpress , and after i linked with cloudflare they are not worked any more

also i use smtp plugin to configer the mail service in wordpress , and it can check and test the mail , and now it can not , just keep loading then give me " Error 524 Ray ID: 59d1102acae6cddb • 2020-06-02 12:09:02 UTC ## A timeout occurred" with a picture which show that the brwoser can connect the cloudflare but cloudflare can`t connect the hosting .

i review mail DNS setting and i do it , and i can send dirctly from gmail to the webmain and send back , but the contact form cant not any more .

if there any instruction or advice so kindly help >

I also use Contact Form 7 and WP Forms, plus the SMTP Mailer from WP Forms, but I have it route mail through Mailgun. What mail server is your SMTP mailer configured to use? If it’s a hostname in your domain, that hostname needs to be set to :grey:.

as i understand it`s point to the off-cloud
as the picture

i try many things , and i found important information ,
first when i try to import the website email to google to allow me to useing the web e-mail ex:[email protected], throw google i found that it worked under TLS , ( and when i using [email protected] in google i can send and received normally)

now in the WP SMTP plugin is not working what ever i select ssl and tls or normal port 25
and the CF7 also the same .

if think may be a setting must be related with SSL/TLS ?,

i already have the ssl/tls certification from the web hosting and it`s working fine before point to CF

i wish this update can help some one to tell me how i can fix that
and here is a pic for ssl setting in CF

and here is the screen if i try to test the sending mail from WP by SMTP

You said your SMTP plug-in can send a test message, but CF7 times out? Does CF7 have a debug mode? Or it’s own SMTP settings?

no dear ,
SMTP cant send a test message ,, i have also check all the WordPress and i found , any option in WP cant send e-mail , i try to add new account , i try to make new test order , i try to add tracking on the order all of that don`t send e-mail to me or to the customer account ,

  • then i remove the cloudflare DNS from the domain name server and add my old hosting name server , after i do that every thing is working well (shop order , cf7 , smtp test ,
    mail , customer notice ) all is sending good ,

do you think i have to completely remove the website from cloudflare and re-add it again

wish to found an advice to fix that , and thanks for assist

Which plugin is it? Can you post a screenshot of that plugin’s settings?

the plugin which need to send mail out from the WP that i use is , smtp , cf7 , woocommerce ,

so we speak about any plugin in WP need to send mail , the mail can`t go out .

i think about reinstall the website to the clouldflare again , with the same setting , that if there isn`t other setting to do

so do you think so ?

after some search and testing i deactivate the SMTP plugin and sending mail from WP is working now ,
in face smtp is useful plugin but until i can found the conflict i have to
and for now the problem is solved

thanks Sdayman for your time , and support

Have a nice day

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