Wordpress Cloudflare Stream Video Library no videos files

Hi there,

Kindly help on Wordpress Cloudflare Stream Video plugin, I already install and test it, everting just fine except the Wordpress Cloudflare Stream Library nothing on it, how to set? my API key setting is ok and can upload the video normally…


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I guess you are referring to this plugin:

Actually that CF WP plugin is very basic one… it doesn’t allow you for much “dialog” between WP and CF API. Many functions can’t be set via that plugin and also it doesn’t unfortunately received much support and good reviews.

Also, most important for us, it actually doesn’t work for token authorisation so that you can stream content in a protected way (so that your ID is not public).
I had similar problems where the Library wasn’t showing up but as I didn’t receive enough support we actually hired a developer to create a whole different plugin with the same purpose and that allows protection of stream videos (cloudflare ID) with wordpress :slight_smile:

If you are interested contact me via PM, I can certainly help you further!