Wordpress Cloudflare plugin shows up 1000s of times

Hi all, while investigating a PHP CPU spike on our Wordpress site we see that both Divi (Elegant Themes) and WooCommerce see the Cloudflare plugin 1000s of times:

In the Wordpress plugins list we only see it once, as expected.

Is this normal?

PHP is 7.1
Wordpress and all plugins are the latest version

That’s certainly not normal. You’d have to ask the developer of that “Safe Mode” feature how they’re getting the plugins list.


Let me ask a different way:

Anyone with the Cloudflare Wordpress plugin + Divi theme, does the Cloudflare plugin shows up multiple times under Divi | Support Center?

Anyone with the Cloudflare Word plugin + WooCommerce, does the Cloudflare plugin shows up multiple times under WooCommerce | Status?

To close the loop, the Cloudflare Wordpress plugin was registered over 73000 times as an active plugin in the database.

In the options table, the active_plugins row, there was an enormous string that started like this:


The problem went away as soon as I fixed this database string. Its syntax is described in https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/45109/how-to-make-sense-of-the-active-plugins-option-value-to-enable-and-disable-certa


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