Wordpress Cloudflare 4.12.2 Spinning Arrow

I’m using Wordpress 6.3.1 and Cloudflare 4.12.2 plugin and can’t open either Home or Settings. Analytics work. All my plugins are up to date and disabled my W3* Total *Cache plugin.

Using f12 I see a a lot of warnings in yellow that start with "When merging two ### found unequal data in their …

In Red I have an error-
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘push’)
at Object.callback (compiled.js?ver=4.12.2:15:2897)
at compiled.js?ver=4.12.2:54:57533
at g.callback (compiled.js?ver=4.12.2:54:63989)
at g. (compiled.js?ver=4.12.2:54:60684)
at r.emit (compiled.js?ver=4.12.2:54:67409)
at n.onreadystatechange (compiled.js?ver=4.12.2:54:64844)

I tried to rollback one version, but just ended up getting a blank page in settings.