WordPress + CF Images. Any good reason to use?

Hello all.

I started to write a WordPress plugin for CF Images. It can upload and delete images when a user uploads/edits/deletes an image on the local WordPress instance. I haven’t wrote the redirect hook for displaying the images yet.

I started thinking, CloudFlare’s free caching plan pretty much does the same, and it’s free. One advantage may be the image resizing that CF can do, can anybody tell me a reason why one should use WP + CF Images over just the free caching plan from CF?


A few ideas:

  1. limited bandwidth on the origin, you reduce a lot of load without the images.
  2. you offload the creation of the various sizes for responsive images.
  3. less storage requirements on the server.

I can offer a reason not to. It’s a huge pain to do (for now). The Images feature needs special URLs for them. Unless some developer takes this on and creates a plugin to do this, it’s way out of my league.

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Actually, I’ve been working on a plugin for it. Still not sure it’s worth it, though.

Thanks for your input!

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So #2 makes sense to me. Regarding #1, doesn’t CF caching work offload images to the CF server(s) anyway?

#3 makes sense, IF you are willing to delete your locally stored images, and depend on the images stored on CF in the case of restore. Kind of scary to me :-).

Thank you for your input!

Not 100% of it and each variant for each POP (and even more than a POP, maybe even a cluster) is a new request, plus you have invalidations.

But you’d need only storage for the source, not all the variants.

Good point. That alone may be enough.

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