Wordpress cannot fetch images stored in cloudflare images when products uploaded via import csv

When uploading new products to wordpress/woocommerce using a csv file (via import) with url links to images stored in cloudflare images in the Images column, I am getting the following error. “Invalid image: Sorry, you are not allowed to upload this file type.”
I tried the same url links when uploading products to amazon (upload products via upload), it worked though. I am not sure why wordpress can’t fetch images, that amazaon can. if you can direct me in the right driection, it will be great. Thanks for you help!
I use following format for url link: https://imagedelivery.net/< ACCOUNT_ID >/<image_id>/public

Are you able to see those images via browser?

Yes, I can

Apparently it doesn’t work with amazon either. I wonder if it is because it doens’t end with .jpg
Yet, I can do curl https://imagedelivery.net/< ACCOUNT_ID >/<image_id>/public > test.jpg and save the image to my local computer

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