[wordpress] can I block HEAD HTTP Methods?

I am receiving extremely dangerous requests under
HTTP Methods

extremely risky path/… requests who are trying to find very certain files

and also
my webserver [on wordpress] is receiving over 200 000 querry/day which the URI querry conatins:

ver=[my EXACT wordpress version]


can I block
http request
(http.request.uri.query contains “ver=5.3.2”)

without causing problem for users?

thank you

All you need is a firewall rule like this


thank you
I know that
I asked

Can I do that without causing problem for my 6 millions users?
I dont wanna cause problem for users

will it case problem for users if I add those 2 items under JS or captcha?

I need wordpress expert who can see if this act has consequences for users

my site doesnt leave me option to TRY such stuff !

Have your site admin analyze the requests to see which, if any, are legitimate end user requests and decide accordingly.

I am my own admin
one of our community taught me adv-CF in 2018

this question is very delicate matter
someone needs to know the protocols+wp very deeply to answer my question

some people/bots/companies are scaning my wp and after they found the version , they are sending huge load of requests
which they all contain
that querry

about head:
tor and few other networks are trying to find out if I have some Very sensitive files in webserver [all use HEAD method]

will users be affected if I block these 2 items?

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