WordPress caching plugins and Always On feature of CloudFlare

I have been using CloudFlare free version for many years and last year I added a caching plugin to my WordPress site, WP Fastest Cache. In general, things are fine but I stumbled on the activity logs that showed weekly “Purge Everything”. One of the features I appreciate is always on which serves cached content to visitors if my site or server may be experiencing problems. How does periodic “purge everything” actions affect the always-on feature?

Currently, I disconnected WP Fastest Cache from CloudFlare. If I edit a page its local cache at the server will be deleted and I will make a point to delete that specific page cache from CloudFlare.

Any thoughts and advice will be much appreciated.

Happy birthday, CloudFlare, and thank you for your services.

Always On is separate from the usual page caching. And now it’s even more different. Cloudflare has partnered with Internet Archive to present requested pages (if Archived) from your site when it’s offline.


Thank you, sdayman. This makes me feel more comfortable. I will also report this on the WP Support forum where I asked the question. It is good to know that Always On is a separate feature.

Thank you.

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