Wordpress caching on frontend even in incognito window

I have a Wordpress+Woocommerce website. Before I started editing my website on incognito window, I had 520 Error quite often. After I used incognito window for editing, some part on the frontend is still showing older version of the website in “View Site” mode on WP (even after I turned on Development mode on Clouflare and purged all cache today). This has always been a problem since day 1.
I only see the most up-to-date version when I am in “Customize” mode on WP.

What might be the problem and what can I do here? Thanks!

What’s the URL of a page that’s given you trouble?


As you noted, Cloudflare’s development mode doesn’t have any effect. I can confirm that Cloudflare won’t cache that page, but your server might. There is an x-proxy-cache header coming from your server. See if there is a way to purge the cache on your server.

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I am using Siteground for hosting so I just need to purge my caching on Siteground?

That might do it.

Unfortunately, it is still showing the same even after Siteground representative cleared cache file and I cleared all my browsing data, and purged cache and turned on development mode here on Cloudflare again.
But good enough to know it’s not the problem here. @sdayman thanks a lot for helping!

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