Wordpress caching issue

Hi there, I’m having a very odd caching issue - Wordpress site working fine on Mozilla, not on safari or chrome.

I’ve removed Cloudflare, tried various resets, other apps, obviously emptied cache on all browsers, checked the hosting for auto caching - I am completely at a loss.

Anyone else experienced this? Would really appreciate any solutions/ideas…


That would certainly take Cloudflare out of the equation.

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Yep, removed everything then planned to add them back in one buy one - but the problem is still there

How? This is not a Wordpress support forum, nor a Browser support forum.

If you think this is related to CloudFlare itself please provie more infos, but I hardly doubt that anyone here will help you as you:

  1. removed CloudFlare, therefore its not a CloudFlare related thing
  2. you did ‘something’ with ‘some other apps’

what makes it really hard for one to remotely debug the problem. Specially when not providing the headers, or the Domain this problem occurs.

If you removed CloudFlare (and some plugins) and you are sure they are not active anymore this is 100% not related to this plugins and not to CloudFlare.

What error do you get if it is not working?

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I can get only 5% of my resources into CF edge buffers and I’ve been configuring rules for days! I can’t give you a solution I can’t find one for myself.
On the other hand, it’s good to know it’s not only me that has caching problem. Small guys CF don’t care about they save their storage space for Amazon and Netflix.
If CF is not caching then it’s a stumbling block between your host computer and the user requesting a URL.

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