Wordpress: cache problem on logged users (maybe only firefox)

Hi everyone! We have a problem in our website with wordpress. We have restricted functionalities for logged in users, sometimes (randomly, at the moment found only in Firefox) when navigate inside the website appear the page as non logged in user, if refresh the page it come to works again.
If I put Cloudflare in a DEV MODE, problem does not arise and everything works correctly.
Please, can someone help me?
Thanks a lot


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you’re using custom-made Page Rules with an option like Cache Level: Cache Everything? :thinking:

Otherwise, maybe the “Browser Cache TTL” option is not set correctly at CF dashboard → Caching → Configuration.

Furthermore, may I ask if you’re using Cloudflare APO for WordPress? :thinking:

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Yes i’m using APO on www.futuranet.it, futuranet.it, eipro.futuranet.it, ei.futuranet.it, design.futuranet.it, academy.futuranet.it, with “cache by device type” enabled

Browser Cache TTL is setted up to “1 Year” but I try also “Respect existing headers”

And finally no i don’t have a page rule with cache level cache everything:

Thanks a lot, i’m trying for 3 days but without results…

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