Wordpress by Bitnami on AWS Issue

I am using t2.micro instance at AWS.
I have redirected my domain to the IP of instance.

My website gets down after every 6-7 hours.
After it gets down. I restart the server and everything starts working again.

Why this issue is coming?
How to fix it?
Please suggest me some and I am a noob thus explain in detail.

Please help me out.!

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You already figured out the problem. It would be the server not a dns issue or network issue. If you reset the server and everything works again magically then that’s the problem. I cannot help you figure that out here as it has nothing to do with cloudflare.

The best bet is figure out why apache keeps hanging on your system or if your system begins to hang entirely or a network card issue on the server, even though it’s virtual there coud be conflicts. But you need to solve this probem as it has nothing to do with coudflare.

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