Wordpress Backend not saving

Hi there,
I have a problem for saving my wordpress site modifications. even in developer mode it doesn’t works.

I’m using the pro version of Cloudflare.

Here is is my page rule settings:


Auto Minify: HTML, CSS & JS, Rocket Loader: On, Browser Cache TTL: a day, Mirage: On, Always Online: On, Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: a month


Cache Level: Bypass => On

(I have put a star before the wp-admin as I have a sub directory with another wordpress on it  "Domain.com/blog)


Cache Level: Bypass => On


Cache Level: Bypass => On

Could someone helped me  to find out what is the problem?
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It looks like you’ve put Cache Everything as your first rule. That will trigger before the other rules. I advise against using Cache Everything until you’ve thoroughly researched it.


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