Wordpress Automatic Platform Optimization breaks Meta Pixel

Has anyone gotten Wordpress Automatic Platform Optimization to work with a Meta Pixel?

In our Wordpress + WooCommerce site when we enable the Cloudflare plugin’s “Automatic Platform Optimization” it breaks the Meta Pixel.

Specifically, no Meta Pixel event is fired and there is no Event ID. Meta therefore records no site visits and no events. (bad because we are an ecommerce site)

As soon as we toggle off “Automatic Platform Optimization” in the plugin, our Meta Pixel fires successfully again, 100%.

We’ve tried placing the Meta Pixel in a Zaraz tag and reactivating “Automatic Platform Optimization”. But as soon as we enable Automatic Platform Optimization the problem returns.


A recent fix was rolled to prevent some marketing query string parameters from being removed in certain circumstances. Please purge your Cloudflare cache for the affected pages and see if that fixes the issue.

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