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I’ve been having a lot of admin issues in Wordpress lately. I went back and reconfigured WP Fastest Cache because they changed the way they handle the API token and removed the “preload” option because it interferes with Cloudfare.

One of the issues was the Cloudfare plugin constantly telling me the API token was broken. I’d have to refresh and then it worked. I noticed that the plugin has not been updated in some time, which is usually a sign that the developer is no longer supporting it.

I went ahead and removed it and deactivated the Wordpress integration in Cloudfare until I get some clarification.

Question: Is Cloudfare still supporting their Wordpress plugin? If so, why are they not keeping it up to date? That’s a security issue.

Only if there are security issues present. Are you aware of any?

If it’s a security issue it’s because of Cloudfare’s own doing. I had major memory problems in my admin account. Posts wouldn’t save when working on them (they’d be wiped out). Uninstalling and installing widgets would take multiple attempts. Logging in would take multiple attempts. Menu change items were near impossible unless I deactivated the plugin.

All of it boiled down to the Cloudfare plugin which hasn’t been updated since what the spring? Wordpress even had a warning about its compatibility.

I removed it from Wordpress and cleared all my cache and everything started working as it should again. The problem is the plugin. Cloudfare just rolled it out recently and are now dropping support for it. They should be a little more forthcoming so people aren’t stuck with this garbage on their website screwing everything up and causing security issues because of its presence.

My caching plugin already connects to Cloudfare anyway. So I don’t see any benefit of having the Cloudfare widget on Wordpress anyway. Removing it resolved all of my problems.

Some patience, please. Summer just started today.

The question was whether you were aware of a security issue? If so, that should be definitely reported to Cloudflare.

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Maybe the concern is that it hasn’t been updated in a whole three weeks. But I’m sure that a visit to GitHub would confirm how much work they’re doing on it right now.

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WOW! Patience? Do you know how much damage the Cloudfare app caused on the backend of my site? I spent two hours writing a post and when I went to save it so I could import my podcast episode, it wiped everything out. There was no memory left.

I’d have to log into my account repeatedly before it took. I couldn’t add to menus and save the changes. Other apps wouldn’t install, deactivate or activate. And that’s just the tip of problems the outdated Cloudfare plugin was causing.

And yes, ANY app not continually updated to the latest version of Wordpress IS a security issue.

It took me forever to determine the root cause of the problem. That’s a entire week of my life I won’t get back.

Instead of being flippant about “how hard they’re working on the app in Github” either support your efforts for the plugin fulltime like every other plugin developer for Wordpress that’s worth their grain of salt or just drop it all together. I for one dropped it because I don’t have time nor patience for plugins that aren’t fully supported.

It’s “stuff” like this that makes me want to switch to managed hosting though I shouldn’t have to. Not appreciating the urgency for staying on top of something you’re offering to paying customers leads me to believe that no one here actually uses Wordpress.

Fix your junk.

There’s no need for such language. Closed as the topic has been addressed and there was no proper source provided for the alleged security issues.