Wordpress APO - Not Purging Cache

We are running 5 sites with Wordpress APO enabled and all worked fine until yesterday.

From yesterday, cache not getting purged and we see tcache headers!

WordPress does not automatically purge the cached version of the page or post that was edited neither update Categories. The only thing that works is manually purging—either by URL or the entire cache.

Is this problem connects with new tiered caching testing ?

it’s most certainly related to tiered cache testing, we will look into the issue.

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please create support ticket and post id here so we will look into your specific sites.

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Hi @yevgen , the problem is not only in APO. I cannot purge the cache of single pages neither via API, or via WP, or via Web interface. Purge All works fine instead (but I would not suggest to use it).

My ticket ID is #2102629, another user who have same issue opened #2101561

Hi @yevgen,

Exactly the same problem here, for information we use APO and ARGO. (ticket ID : #2102717)

Here is part of the http header.

  1. age:70605
  2. cache-control:max-age=16070400
  3. cf-apo-via:tcache
  4. cf-cache-status:HIT
  5. cf-ray:62b2fd721c163329-CDG
  6. cf-request-id:08a3bcbb5100003329f38e9000000001

We are rolling back the breaking change, it will take approximately 4h for a full release. We are sorry for introducing such an obvious regression. No changes on WP plugin side are necessary.


@yevgen The problem continues… :roll_eyes:

Could you describe it (with reproduction steps)? We fixed “Not Purging Cache” problem.


@yevgen With APO enabled, the “tcache” header continues displaying and WordPress does not automatically purge the cached pages/posts/categories

I can confirm that cache purging with the CloudFlare WordPress Plugin is now functionning properly. Also, there are no more errors associated with cache purging in my server log. Thanks!

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“tcache” header should be present, that’s correct.

WordPress does not automatically purge the cached pages/posts/categories

you may need to purge cache to make sure you have correct version cached after we rolled out the fix yesterday.

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Hello, same problem is happening to us. With APO on, each time we post a new article, it does not appear on the homepage/categories. Custom Purge (Purge by URL) does not work either.

To make it work we have to Purge Everything OR Disable APO.

We tried setting the Browser Cache TTL for 30 minutes and it does not work either.

It works for Logged In users because we are Bypassing the cache.

Thank you for your help

Please raise support ticket and post the number in the thread.

Thank you, ticket created. Here is number: #2092938

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Same issue here unfortunately! My site (with APO currently switched on) isn’t purging on new / updated content.

Support ticket same as before (2101561)

@propea is anything working for you with APO off, but ‘auto purge content on update’ switched on? Going to give it a go tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.

With APO Off everything works well: Homepage and categories are updating automatically.

When I turn off APO I also disable the Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin since I only installed it to turn on APO.

But my websites are always on Cloudflare.

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