WordPress APO not getting access from nearest location

I sign up for WordPress Optimization APO service with Cloudflare. The APO is working as per headers but my website is not getting benefit from Cloudflare edge network in Pakistan. Is there any guide for this? With APO service I assumed to get the website to the nearest location which in my case is my country Pakistan where Cloudflare has networks in Karachi and Islamabad.


It happens all over the world, due to peering agreements, that ISPs will send their internet traffic to the route that is cheapest to them, not necessarily the closest to the user.

Which datacenter you reach is generally controlled by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)'s routing and peering and not by Cloudflare. You can read more about this in our community tutorial.

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Thanks for reply. But the strange thing is when I was not using APO my website was coming from Singapore with 115 to 125ms latency and when I use APO for wordpress now the latency has increased to 170 to 190ms from amsterdam. This is so weird. If the same situation continues then I will have no other option to revert back and cancel APO subscription.

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