Wordpress APO: Exclude ConvertKit Query Parameters

Please consider adding ConverKit’s query parameter ‘ck_subscriber_id’ to the parameters to ignore list.
Convert kit is an ESP (similar to Mailchimp) and adds a query parameter to incoming links.



There may have been an APO thread that said they plan on allowing user-specified cookies at some point.

While I’d welcome cookie exclusions too, this is a query parameter, much like the commonly seen fbclid and gclid parameters that Facebook and Google add to urls.

ie. website.com?ck_subscriber_id=XXX

Sorry, I totally misread that. You’re saying you don’t want the page cached if it has that query parameter?

Or do you want the “ignore query string” behavior so the same cache is shown regardless of the query string? @yevgen seems to add those for strong use cases.

Sure, we will add it to the list.

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The change is live.

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