Wordpress APO & ConvertPro Plugin - Cache Rules

I’m trying to use APO for Wordpress but running into issues with our email opt-in plugin, ConvertPro. It creates nonces that refresh every 12 hours.

The support from ConvertPro told me to exclude about 5 .js files from my caching plugin to make it work properly. Is there a way to exclude these specific files from the Cloudflare cache/APO to make the plugin compatible with APO?

Can this be done using cache rules?

I’m not convinced that excluding .js files from cache will fix anything. Nonces are usually in CSP headers and body of HTML, so this would impact the entire site.

I could be wrong in my assumptions on how their nonces work, but I think it’s through HTML.

If you want to try the cache rules route, give it a try. securityheaders.com can show you your site’s Content Security Policy header right now for comparison before you set any cache rules and/or purge the cache.

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